Recent Publications

2023   “Animal work before capitalism: Sheep’s reproductive labor in the ancient South Caucasus“. American Anthropologist 125(4): 809-823.

2021    “Multi-Season Reproduction and Pastoralist Production Strategies: New Approaches to Birth Seasonality from the South Caucasus Region”. Journal of Field Archaeology 46(7): 448-460.

2019  “Isotopic Perspectives on Pastoralist Mobility in the Late Bronze Age South CaucasusJournal of Anthropological Archaeology 54: 48-67 (with Gwyneth Gordon and Kelly J. Knudson).

2018    “New Statistical Approaches to Intra-Individual Isotopic Analysis and Modeling Birth Seasonality in Studies of Herd AnimalsArchaeometry 61(2): 478-493 (with Soudeep Deb, Josh Falk, and Arun Srinavasan).

2017    “Tracing Late Bronze Age Pastoralist Practices in the South Caucasus:A preliminary zooarchaeological and isotopic investigation from the Tsaghkahovit Plain, Armenia” In Isotopic Investigations of Pastoral Production: Innovative Approaches to Patterns of Mobility, Economy, and Exploitation. Ventresca-Miller, A, Markarewicz, C, eds. Maney Publishing.

2016    “The Life Assemblage: Rethinking the politics of pastoral practices.” In Incomplete Archaeologies: Assembling Knowledge in the Past and Present. Proceedings from a session at the 2013 EAA Meetings in Pilsen, CZ. Miller-Bonney, E., K. Franklin, J. A. Johnson, eds. Pp. 28-47. Oxbow Press.

2013    Hannah Chazin & Stephen E. Nash, “Moments, Movements, and Metaphors: Paul Sidney Martin, Pedagogy, and Professionalization in Field Schools, 1926-1974.” American Antiquity 78(2):322-343. (with Stephen E. Nash)