Recent Publications

2023   “Animal work before capitalism: Sheep’s reproductive labor in the ancient South Caucasus“. American Anthropologist.

2021    “Multi-Season Reproduction and Pastoralist Production Strategies: New Approaches to Birth Seasonality from the South Caucasus Region”. Journal of Field Archaeology 46:7: 448-460.

2019  “Isotopic Perspectives on Pastoralist Mobility in the Late Bronze Age South CaucasusJournal of Anthropological Archaeology 54: 48-67 (with Gwyneth Gordon and Kelly J. Knudson).

2018    “New Statistical Approaches to Intra-Individual Isotopic Analysis and Modeling Birth Seasonality in Studies of Herd AnimalsArchaeometry (with Soudeep Deb, Josh Falk, and Arun Srinavasan).

2017    “Tracing Late Bronze Age Pastoralist Practices in the South Caucasus:A preliminary zooarchaeological and isotopic investigation from the Tsaghkahovit Plain, Armenia” In Isotopic Investigations of Pastoral Production: Innovative Approaches to Patterns of Mobility, Economy, and Exploitation. Ventresca-Miller, A, Markarewicz, C, eds. Maney Publishing.

2016    “The Life Assemblage: Rethinking the politics of pastoral practices.” In Incomplete Archaeologies: Assembling Knowledge in the Past and Present. Proceedings from a session at the 2013 EAA Meetings in Pilsen, CZ. Miller-Bonney, E., K. Franklin, J. A. Johnson, eds. Pp. 28-47. Oxbow Press.

2013    Hannah Chazin & Stephen E. Nash, “Moments, Movements, and Metaphors: Paul Sidney Martin, Pedagogy, and Professionalization in Field Schools, 1926-1974.” American Antiquity 78(2):322-343. (with Stephen E. Nash)